Cumbrian Way Food

We are pleased to announce that we now stock and sell on site Cumbrian Way Food

Cumbrian Way Food provide delicious, wholesome, good quality meals of which all the ingredients come from the North West

The  meat is purchased fresh, not frozen, from Freddie Garside a local Ambleside butcher who sources it from local farmers and abattoirs within a 30 mile radius ensuring that they meet their ‘food mile’ objective. It is hand cut from whole carcasses to order and is traceable. The vegetables used and other ingredients come from Mc Clures of Windermere again as a local supplier, as is Starlys of Staveley the provider of their spices

All their meals are hand made by chefs in small batches, cooked then blast chilled for your convenience. They contain no additives, colourings, or preservatives and are frozen with all natures goodness locked in